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In Britain, we have many home grown industries and innovations to be proud of. Although globalisation has been beneficial in many ways, there's no doubt that the availability of cheaper products and materials from overseas has led to a decline in 'buying British'. Choose British sets out to advocate local British products, as well as celebrating all things British; from music, films, actors and authors, to local food, farmers' markets, and time-honoured British recipes.
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British Films
British Films: Most Popular British TV Soaps, Renowned British Filmmakers, History...
British Locations
British Locations: British Sea Ports, Unusual British Traditions and Tourist At...
British Music
British Music: British Music: 1980s, Famous Movements In British Music, British...
British Produce Abroad
British Produce Abroad: Patriotic Shopping, Famous British Exports,...
British Recipes
British Recipes: Famous British Desserts, How to Make Bread and Butter Pudding, How To...
British Traditions
British Traditions: British Traditions Throughout the Year, What's in the Traditional...
British Writers & Books
British Writers & Books: Great British Fiction Writers, British Writing...
Buying British
Buying British: Restaurants Using Only British Food, Taking Part in the Annual...
Buying Local
Buying Local: Local Food Directories, British Food Origins, Local Food Link...
Famous Brits
Famous Brits: Celebrated British Poets, Prominent British Inventors, Famous British...
Farmer's Markets
Farmer's Markets: Standards Set On Farmer's Markets, Buying At Farmer's Markets,...
Food Miles
Food Miles: What Are Food Miles?, How Far Has Your Food Travelled?, Why Does Food...
Organic Food
Organic Food: Sourcing Organic Poultry, Enjoying Organic Beef, Organic Vegetables...
Latest Comments
  • Dave
    Re: Best British Brands
    Unless they manufacture in the UK they have no right to call themselves a British Brand and I will do all I can to avoid purchasing any of…
    30 November 2014
  • Scott
    Re: Famous British Actors
    In the 1980's (I think) I attended a concert at the Westbury Music Fair on Long Island. He was a singer/actor with a British accent and he…
    17 October 2014
  • ChooseBritish
    Re: Traditional British Beverages
    @ceggy91. That's great thanks for letting us know.
    15 October 2014
  • Ceggy91
    Re: Traditional British Beverages
    I LOVE this page. It helped me with my family heritage project.
    12 October 2014
  • Merlin
    Re: British Music: 1960s
    some more PLZ who ever did this
    4 October 2014
  • lots
    Re: British Writing Awards
    I'm from northeastern part of India,my english is so horrible.plz give me sm helpful tips to master english in best possible way..????
    30 August 2013
  • kitcat324
    Re: How To Make Chelsea Buns
    thank you for the help on making chelsea buns :D
    24 January 2013
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